The Diet idea

Now reading about diets in january is worse than setting new years resolutions, you can fad your way into confusion about what foods are good or bad in twenty minutes and be back on the custard creams and beer before you can say hummus and guacamole dip please.

As for diets for men they are strictly hidden away from us i swear.

Well that’s what I seem to see any way.

So I’ve looked and looked and I have something that resonates with my personal changes I want to make. Personal health, Mental health and Social reaponsibility. Just taking care of yourself based on what we can do without pressures of joining a gym like a million others at the moment is a step forward for a man. by Dr Michael Mosely.

His research and medical support through actual science and trials conducted by people across the world seems like a great idea.

Now 800 cals seems very low, his ideas around fasting seem extreme, and his diet plans and quantity of food per serving seem inadequate.

But as a Man looking for help mentally feeling low and depressed, struggling for motivation and a plan, a member of an increasing population which is exploding and busting at the seems in all senses of the word, where is my 2500 calories a day going to come from in 10 yrs unless it processed or refined. I really don’t want that.

I watched some You Tubers today (the future of entertainment) who made a movie they had to go around America and do daft challenges, the boys no older than 20 acting like kids shouting silly words in restaurants for a dare, the tallest lad 12 stone wet had a challenge to eat a giant burger. I’m taking 6lb of meat and bun and slaw and fries in an hour and he got 10 meals free. Give him his due, he smashed it all, then violently threw up and couldn’t film for the rest of the day. My point here that 6lb burger could of actually been enough meat for two weeks across a balanced diet and watching people cram massive amounts of food In their mouths is that actual entertainment. No, its not, its actually really poor education for all youngsters watching, about their social responsibilities for their future.

The above needs changing and it’s our social responsibilities to discuss this future.

800 cals

I’ve been on it for four days now and yes im a little hungry each day but I started the week at 132.4kg

I’m obese and need to stop eating, I’m so topped up with insulin my brain is a mess with signals on what to do to keep me alive.

Have our bodies ever moved on from hunter gatherers or have we just grown bigger through more food intake. If you take a moment to check your diet what percentage would be refined or processed and the cost that has on you and the volume of food you eat as it doesn’t sustain your varatious appetites,

Along time ago, i thought on the issue of us as humans, i probably watched some documentary about life and the planet and came up with half my own conclusion, that as a race were no better than a cancer on the earth destined to destroy the very host in order to consume it all, and yet that very goal to live, grow repeat will be the one that kills us all.

Could adopting a leaner diet help control my mental health issues, my physical health issues and my social reaponsibilities for the future of my family.

You know I’m willing to try, its strange but since the bump on my head I’m making different decisions and the old ideas seem to have moved on.

I’ll post some shots and menu ideas I’ll share my thoughts and continue with the story. Mens Health and My Health the road to being a healthier man.


A Chubby Unicorn

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