The point of no return

Fingers are to the keyboard, website loaded.

My story will be rolled out over time maybe once a month on the things I’ve done, seen or felt.

I want to leave some bread crumbs for someone else to follow when things get fuzzy, may help them find a way out.

I created this list about 3 years ago, at the time is just had a bad few months again mentally dealing with some stress and needed a Next Problem to stop looking back.

Points to consider.

Not happy I struggle asking for help.

Not happy with job.

Not happy with my weight.

Not happy I struggle to emotionally engage.

Not happy I’ve used alcohol to MU,MO,NP (it’s on the main page Time to talk) all my adult life.

Happy with my wife and our life.

Happy with my kids and their choices.

Could being more socially responsible make life better.

Could being more locally engaging make life better.

It was a good list as I knew at the heart of it I had happiness but was surrounded with doubts and worries.

I just imagined the ear bug from star trek in the botany bay, rummaging around painful and frustrating now way to get it out.

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