Time to talk

Hi, huge thanks to anyone that had the time to read this.

I’m coming from a point I my life where I’ve realised I’ve forgotten about me and whats hurting me mentally.

This needs to be my story, good and bad to get it off my chest say it out loud and proud and work out what if anything can get me back on track.

I left school joined the forces and thought damn im a man let’s do this, I guess that’s where our all started.

I learnt to do, not argue and get it done now! Man Up, Move On, Next Problem.

That’s ran through my whole life.

December 2018 I had the most minor car crash possible, I even repaired the lady car who so she could get back on the road as she was rushing to hospital with her friend as her husband was dying. (I got the call the next day from her he died).

Now I’m not one, to share emotions and I’m very apathetic about practically anything, it just is, so why get worked up. MU,MO,NP.

Since that day I got diagnosed with concussion, mild was the worst case, they said. So i had a break and I’ll be good in a few days.

2 weeks later, signed off now for the month on Jan. I had some weird relapse and damn it has pushed me mentally to understand what’s going on in my head. (Well all I know is its fuzzy and I’ve got permemant tinnitus!!).

The journey I want to go, as of today I want to change the way I engage with myself and life start to wake up ready to go everyday.

I want to release my emotions and passions (When I finally find them) small steps but big ideas.

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