Wellness & Mindfulness

So I’ve been thinking and reading alot, how to discuss what I’m trying seems simple. Talking from the hip is my approach on this for the moment.

Walking, I’ve got legs let’s use them its free and for a man my size 160 potential cals per mile seems like a damn good idea.

Found this on pointsrecipies.com

So how to walk without getting bored and the old charging of the thighs, damn it get hot and sore quickly.

A couple of ideas came to mind about the getting bored, dragging the kids to go on a cache hunt. Great fun idea loads of great web sites to use and you can get your own caches once your up and running.

Pokemon Go, well that got the kids alot more interested phones walking and a chance to fight some fantasy creatures. I now have an account and I’m walking to find balls so I can fight the kids. Not everyone cup of tea but we’re all moving.

Without the kids I’ve been looking at some old ruins in the area and now a member of the national trust so we can get into some of the old buildings without paying,(yes it cost £10 A month for a family membership but its seems worth it)

Photography, i have a decent camera we bought for that best holiday ever still easier with the old phone.

Where i live just puts me at peace and makes it easy to walk.

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